My name is Holly, but you can call me Mrs. T. I grew up baking cookies with my mom and grams. As I got older, I went off to college and started my career.

In 2012, I found my passion for baking again when my husband commented that there weren’t any good cookies in Columbus, OH. Well, not one to let a challenge pass me by, I took it to heart and started baking again. It became my outlet for relief from a very stressful corporate job. I would come home after a long day at the office, start baking a new cookie and the stress of the day would melt away. I would bake up a storm most evenings and then send cookies and treats to hubby and his coworkers, my coworkers, friends, family, and business associates. One bite of my cookies and it was a unanimous “Why aren’t you selling these?” and “Where can I get more?”

One night at a women’s networking gathering I brought the usual selection of treats, and someone mentioned I should start selling them. My response was “Anyone can make a cookie” and I was met with an overwhelming,

“No, NOT like these”. A friend in marketing challenged me to start creating a brand and selling my cookies. After couple years of market research, including business classes, studying other food businesses and recipe refinement, I had created my very own cookie company.

Mrs. Turbo Fun Facts:

Behind the Name
The name of the company originated from my husband’s nickname – you guessed it, Turbo! By virtue of being married to Turbo, I became Mrs. Turbo. After months of sending cookies to work with my hubby, I missed one day and didn’t send cookies to the team. One of his coworkers commented “Hey, where’s Mrs. Turbo’s Cookies?” and the company name was born.

I hold a Master’s Degree in Public Policy with a background in regulatory. I’ve worked for Fortune 100 and 500 companies leading regulatory matters around the world.

Clean Ingredients
I have Hashimoto’s and need to eat clean and gluten free. I brought this into the Turbo’s kitchen by staying true to what I could eat, but also to what tasted good! We use whole grain flour, brown rice flour, premium imported Belgium semi sweet and dark chocolates, real eggs and organic heavy creams and butters. We brought back the basics of mom’s cooking: clean, simple, all natural and oh so delicious!

Behind the Logo
Our baked goods and our shop take you back to the ‘50s when mom was always baking up a storm in the kitchen. So, it only seemed natural that our logo would take on a fun ‘50s spin. Our logo is Mrs. Turbo all dolled up as a bakery pin-up girl, a nod to our favorite artist, Gil Elvgren.

We are also 100% female owned certified through WBENC and WOSB.