I have always felt best when eating well and eating clean. Therefore, my goal from the beginning was to create an amazing cookie with a clean label. Not an easy feat when baking sweets, but it was my mission.

This is where our journey began and grew.

I made sure that I used a whole grain flour versus the usual bleached flour. Whole grain is much healthier and provides needed fiber for your body and heart. I use organic ingredients whenever possible and dark chocolates for their antioxidants. I believe that just because you have to eat healthy doesn’t mean it shouldn’t taste good.

About two months before I opened my first brick and
mortar shop, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. This means
I have an allergy to gluten and should not eat it. I found myself in the strangest predicament. Suddenly I’m the baker who cannot eat half of what’s on her menu!

I began researching and working on gluten free products. Not all gluten free flour is equal and there are tricks and tips to learning to work with the flour you choose. I created a GF formula that worked for our products. As I created desserts it was incredibility important that no one could tell the difference between a gluten-y cookie and a gluten free cookie. Every product on my shelf has gone through rigorous taste testing and recipe development.

Today about half my menu is gluten free and no one can tell the difference. So, whether you are having a cookie made with traditional whole grain flour or a gluten free brown rice flour, any Mrs. Turbo’s Cookie is the best cookie to have.
Heart health, fiber, antioxidants - check, check, and check!