As the owner and founder of Mrs. Turbo’s Cookies I am often asked how I started my business. It honestly was by accident. I didn’t set out to create a cookie company but rather to find some relaxation and escape from my corporate job. When I started baking, it became my stress relief from work, a way to relax and clear my mind.

I hold a Master’s degree in Public Policy with a background in government affairs. I’ve worked for Fortune 100 and 500 companies leading regulatory matters around the world that included lobbying, meeting with government officials and managing national and international issues. I have been responsible for global government and regulatory matters for thousands of locations during my career.  My most recent position in the corporate world was with Victoria Secret. It is here that I learned the importance of branding and building a successful business.

I would come home after a very long day at work and start baking
a new cookie and the stress of the day would melt away. There was just something about being in the kitchen that would bring back memories of baking with my Mom or Grams. I began to create the cookies of my childhood in flavors like the butterscotch spice. Whenever I bake our butterscotch, it reminds me of Grams. She is still with us at 101 years of age, a truly inspiring woman, and her cookie is my go-to when I really need to relax.

It became such a fun and rejuvenating environment, that I would bake up a storm most evenings. I kept my husband and son involved, having them help with ideas or taste tasting. The house began to overflow with cookies, often too many to eat all at once. I started to give away the cookies and treats and that’s how the business started.

“I have successfully built my company from scratch into a local favorite.”

It became clear that it was time to pursue my own dreams of entrepreneurship. After working in the corporate world for 20 years, I quit my corporate job and focused on my own business.

I have successfully built my company from scratch into a local favorite with 2 brick & mortar locations, manufacturing, and an on-line presence.

Though I must admit it can be exhausting at times, it is still a stress relief to be running my own business. I love what I do, bringing joy to others and making someone’s day just a little brighter when they have a treat from Mrs. Turbo’s Cookies.